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Business management system Lement Pro is an effective tool, that will fit the needs of any trading company (retail, e-commerce, mixed trade). All the key features of Lement Pro can help and support the company's work: business process management, project management, control over the task execution, meetings (agenda, monitoring), goal formation, electronic document management, electronic archive, reports, access rights management, integration with other solutions (BIM-platforms, ERP, etc.) and much more.

Lement Pro can be used in the Retail companies to:
  • Improve the effectiveness of management decisions
  • Develop and improve internal business processes
  • Reduce and optimize management costs
  • Provide managers and decision-makers with tools for day-to-day information and analytical support of the activities of the units in the main office as well as at other facilities
  • Structure information and effective interaction of all process participants (control over the tasks execution, documentflow, processes, etc.)

Effect of Lement Pro implementation
  • Replacement of e-mail with a modern and effective communication tool
  • Reduction in the number of meetings and business trips
  • Improvement of the management decisions effectiveness by instantly updating information on the entire activity of the company as a whole and on any project in particular
  • Development and improvement of internal business processes, which allow reducing the costs that arise from the receipt of outdated information

A partial list of issues in which Lement Pro helps with:
  • Project management (including marketing tasks: organization of participation in exhibitions, placement of advertisements in periodicals magazines and on the Internet)
  • Expansion of store chains, opening of new ones and closing of old stores
  • Account of daily work for each store: inventory management, supply management, procurement management
  • Personnel management: ability to track the performance of tasks for each employee, applications for recruitment, reception of new employees and transfer of employees between departments, applications for business trips, holidays, sick leave, etc.
  • Interaction with the warehouse
  • Interaction with the IT service

Advantages and key features for different types of users Lement Pro


Advantages for top managers

  • Ability to monitor the fulfilment of goals for each direction, store or key employee
  • Access to all accounting information (activity of stores, key specialists, etc.)
  • Access to accounting and financial information in connection with documents, projects and assignments (a single "workplace" of the top-manager)

General abilities for top managers

  • Ability to prepare agendas for meetings and monitor the execution of tasks generated by the summary of the meetings
  • Ability to change the composition of participants and any other parameters of specific assignments, tasks or projects with automatic notification to the participants of specific assignments, tasks or projects
  • Ability to obtain the information about the work specific projects or about the progress of the company's key objectives

Department managers

Advantages for department managers

  • Full control over the work according to projects and assignments that are performed by subordinates
  • Full control of loading of subordinates and redistribution of loading with preservation of a history of works of the previous executor
  • Ability to display all overdue orders in different “slices”
  • Ability to accumulate the information about the work performed for the purpose of subsequent use when working on model projects or instructions

General abilities for department managers

  • Ability to have full control over the task execution
  • Ability to change the composition of participants and any other parameters of specific assignments, tasks or projects with automatic notification to the participants of specific assignments, tasks or projects
  • Ability to fix and adjust the work plan for each assignment, notifying the participants of the task
  • Ability to monitor work processes for all projects or documents
  • Ability to receive information about the work on specific projects or information in different “slices” for all subordinates


General abilities for executors

  • Ability to receive notifications from the system by e-mail (for employees who do not work in the system all the time)
  • Ability to access tables (and other documents) for collaboration work (in conjunction with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Disk or other solutions of such a plan) loss of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ability to quickly provide access to the information about their assignments and projects to their colleagues and higher management during the periods of sick leave or absence (the deputy's function)

Advantages for executors

  • Ability to provide structured reporting information for management
  • Ability to have email notifications for users who do not work in the system permanently
  • Workplace for working together on documents, tables, tasks
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