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Managing organizations

Business management system Lement Pro is an effective tool that will fit the needs of every company, which engaged in the operation of construction projects. All the key features of Lement Pro help and support the company's work: business process management, project management, control over the task execution, meetings (agenda, monitoring), goal formation, electronic document management, electronic archive, reports, access rights management, integration with other solutions (BIM-platforms, ERP, etc.) and much more.

We recommend using Lement Pro Building or Lement Pro EM for the companies, whose main service is maintenance of the buildings. However, depending on the tasks, Lement Pro Standard can be used as well.

Usage of Lement Pro in the managing organizations will allow to:
  • Manage several territorially dispersed objects (maintenance, operation services, repair)
  • Maintenance registers of real estate objects with storage of technical characteristics of the property; format the information about structural elements, premises of the object
  • Have a control over the execution of capital repair and current repair processes (deadlines for performance of work, design and estimate documentation, acts of work performed, contractual agreements)
  • Monitor contractual relationships and have information about costs for all types of work
  • Interact with owners, tenants, contractors (on planning the maintenance of a building or repair, on contractual matters, on applications, etc.)
  • Have an operational processing of requests for services and the formation of task-orders on their basis
  • Monitor the setup of routine maintenance (maintenance, periodic work, etc.)
  • Access to the BIM model for operational tasks without the usage of complex specialized software (via the browser in the Lement Pro Building version)

A partial list of issues in which Lement Pro helps with:
  • Control over the maintenance service
  • Document management, organization of documentation archive with control over the employees’ access (system of rights)
  • Contractual work (coordination and execution) and organization of archive with all information regarding the contracts with full control over the employees’ access (system of rights)
  • Personnel management (ability to track the tasks of each individual employee, apply for recruitment, recruit new staff and transfer employees between departments, personnel requests for business trips, holidays, sick leave or dismissals, etc.)
  • Interaction with contractors and suppliers with control over their access (system of rights)
  • Interaction with the IT service (formation and track of applications)

Effect of Lement Pro implementation
  • Automation of the process of collecting applications, routing requests, controlling the timing of the execution of applications, automatic reporting structuring
  • Improvement in control quality over the execution of tasks: all information is available in one system, which allow to reduce the time for structuring information for future analysis
  • Simplify regulations: reduction of costs and optimization of business processes
  • Development and improvement of internal business processes, which allow reducing the costs that arise from the receipt of outdated information
  • Less chaos

Capabilities of Lement Pro at various stages of the object's life cycle
  • Issuance of tasks to specific executors, control over task execution, automatic mark of overdue tasks
  • Ability to route the information or tasks to the responsible personnel depending on the class of issue and geography of origin
  • Ability to forward the task to contractor execution
  • Development of reports according to statuses and stages of execution of applications
  • Development of reports about objects and applications (in work / completed)
  • Configuration of the object cards and tasks according to company requirements
  • Usage of Lement Pro as an FM system (Lement Pro EM or Lement Pro Building)

Extra features
  • Register of equipment and infrastructure (Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building)
  • Register of areas / premises (Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building)
  • Connection of the equipment registers and premises registers with the BIM model (Lement Pro Building)
  • Preparation of tasks with connection to equipment, documentation and BIM-model (Lement Pro Building)
  • Templates of tasks with SLA control points (Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building)
  • Ability to plan and organize planned maintenance (Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building)
  • Statistical reports based on the task execution in different sections
  • Hierarchical directories for the subject and location of the application (Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building)
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