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Industrial companies

Business management system Lement Pro is an effective tool that will fit the needs every industrial organization. All the key features of Lement Pro help and support the company's work: business process management, project management, control over the task execution, meetings (agenda, monitoring), goal formation, electronic document management, electronic archive, reports, access rights management, integration with other solutions (BIM-platforms, ERP, etc.) and much more.

Usage of Lement Pro in the industrial organizations will allow to:
  • Increase effectiveness of management solutions
  • Develop and improve internal business-processes
  • Decrease and optimize management costs
  • Have an ability to see a day-to-day information and analytical support of the units
  • Have an ability for structuring information and effective interaction of all process participants (control of execution of orders, documentflow, processes, etc.)

A partial list of issues in which Lement Pro helps with:
  • Project management and control over the task execution
  • Document management, organization of documentation archive with control over the employees’ access (system of rights)
  • Contractual work (coordination and execution), organization of archive with all information regarding the contracts with full control over the employees’ access (system of rights)
  • Personnel management (ability to track the tasks of each individual employee, apply for recruitment, recruit new staff and transfer employees between departments, personnel requests for business trips, holidays, sick leave or dismissals, etc.)
  • Interaction with contractors and suppliers with control over their access (system of rights)
  • Interaction with the IT service (formation and track of applications)
  • Organization of the repository of regulatory documents and instructions

Effect of Lement Pro implementation
  • The principle of "one window" for managers
  • Improvement in control quality over the execution of tasks: all information in one system — reducing the time for structuring information for analysis
  • Simplify regulations: reduce costs and optimize business processes
  • Development and improvement of internal business processes, which allow reducing the costs that arise from the receipt of outdated information
  • Providing managers and decision-makers with tools for day-to-day information and analytical support of the activities of the units in the main office as well as at other facilities
  • Less chaos

Advantages and key features for different types of users Lement Pro


General abilities for top managers

  • Single work space ("workplace")
  • Full control over the work on projects and processes with the necessary level of detail (up to a specific employee)
  • Ability to monitor the fulfillment of goals (global or local - the company's goals or the goals of specific employees)
  • Access to report information of any level

Advantages for top managers

  • Ability to change the composition of participants and any other parameters of specific assignments, tasks or projects with automatic notification to the participants of specific assignments, tasks or projects
  • Ability to quickly obtain information on the work about specific projects
  • Ability to see the dynamics of the company's goals, projects, processes in one system


General abilities for managers (decision-makers)

  • Access to project information depending on the tasks performed by a particular decision maker
  • Ability to set up the tasks for the executors with the possibility of providing results straight to the higher management
  • Ability to plan and coordinate business processes within the framework of a specific project with the cooperation with higher management
  • Advanced control over the tasks execution (statistics of familiarization, overdue tasks, group notification and much more)

Advantages for managers (decision-makers)

  • Huge set of functions to work with in one system: efficient exchange of tasks, decisions coordination, electronic document management, work on projects, assignments, etc.
  • Ability to change the composition of the working group with preservation of the information received (including structured correspondence, set of files, links, etc.)
  • Ability to control the execution of tasks by external specialists (with the connection of counterparties in Lement Pro, taking into account the rights system)


General abilities for executors

  • Workplace for teamwork on tasks/assignments / projects
  • Ability to promptly provide structured reporting information for guidance on completed or current tasks / assignments / projects
  • Quick search of necessary information about projects, documents, processes
  • Online access to orders and regulatory documents

Advantages for executors

  • Ability to reduce number of required meetings and reports to management (all work is visible in Lement Pro)
  • System provides all the required functional for the effective work: efficient exchange of tasks, coordination of decisions, electronic document management, work on projects, assignments, etc.
  • Ability to quickly provide access to the information about their assignments and projects to their colleagues and higher management during the periods of sick leave or absence (the deputy's function)
  • Operative access to current regulatory documents and internal standards of the organization (provisions on departments, etc.)
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