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Lement Pro helps to support and optimize managing process in the education organizations. The capabilities of Lement Pro allow to solve the current tasks, increase the manageability of the interaction process within the educational organization’s divisions and organize effective management activities. In addition, there is an opportunity to conduct students' learning projects. Lement Pro helps to build an electronic document management system, structure tasks and orders, create an archive of documents for all professionals, taking access rights into account (access to orders, regulations, QMS documents, etc.), and much more.

The extensive capabilities of Lement Pro allow you to work on projects, as well as connect students to work in the system. System provide the ability to learn how to work in the system as quickly as possible due to a simple and sophisticated modern interface, regardless of the level of user training; basic knowledge of the work with various office application (like Microsoft office) is enough.

Usage of Lement Pro in the educational organizations will allow to:
  • Increase effectiveness of management solutions
  • Develop and improve internal business-processes
  • Decrease and optimize management costs
  • Have an ability to see a day-to-day information and analytical support of the units
  • Have an ability for structuring information and effective interaction of all process participants (control of execution of orders, documentflow, processes, etc.)
  • Organize the joint activities of employees of the educational institution in the mode of using remote (outside the institution) workplaces (including mobile)
  • Organize and manage collective educational and project activities of students, territorially remote from each other

A partial list of Lement Pro capabilities that help in the work:
  • Electronic documentflow with the ability to set up according to the organization requirements: according to kind and types of documents, routes for documents processing and etc.
  • Electronic archive: storage of information and documents with the ability to quickly find the necessary information and instant recovery of information from the archive
  • Management of long-term projects and control of execution of tasks with the ability to fix terms, change the composition of participants, preserve the history of correspondence regarding each task and notification system

Effect of Lement Pro implementation
  • Principle of "one window" for managers
  • Improvement of the control quality over the execution of tasks: all information is available one system
  • Reduction of time for structuring information for analysis
  • Simplify regulations: reduce costs and optimize business processes
  • Operational coordination of project staff with preservation of the results obtained when changing the roles for projects
  • Instant access to intermediate and final results of work and the ability to record all changes
  • Discussion of key issues and events with management
  • Statistical reports for projects, instructions and documents (including in the form of various registries)
  • Ability to get an operative clarification on tasks and projects with fixation of the history changes in comments
  • Operational justification for deadlines changes
  • Effective interaction with other specialists and prompt connection to the solution of issues of specialists remotely
  • Quick search of necessary information on any parameters and in any time frame
  • Less chaos
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