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Nowadays, every bank has a system of electronic documentflow (EDF) (document management). The EDF boom has started 10–15 years ago, when the solutions, that were available on the market were more complicated, more expensive and less functional (for example, the control over task execution was a rare thing in EDF, and there were a very little of EDF, that allowed user to connect projects with each other). Furthermore, there has been a need of programmers to set up an old IT system. Lement Pro can be configured without programming, and the system has many more possibilities, than a usual EDF, which also include the ability to create a project from the document and monitor the work on it.

The situation with Helpdesk solutions is similar. The system for application processing exists in every bank. Often the system itself is obsolete, requires significant modifications and is not supported by developers. In addition, the system may be redundant and have little or no connection at all with other systems within the bank. For example: 1) if there is no connection with the documentflow, this can complicate the procurement process; 2) if there is no connection to the other projects, then there is no clear way to understand how the support task affect the main goal of the project, etc.

Large banks nowadays use a lot of various tools to make their business processes easier: CRM, EDF, BI, HRM, TMS, OSS / BSS, BPM, EPM and many more. But usually, there no need to use expensive EDF or a complex project management system at the branch. In addition, the usage of the same solutions in all branches is an expensive pleasure. Lement Pro can help banks to save a lot of money without a loss of effectiveness and efficiency.

Business management system Lement Pro is an effective tool that will fit the needs of every bank or financial organization. All the key features of Lement Pro help and support the company's work: business process management, project management, control over the task execution, meetings (agenda, monitoring), goal formation, electronic document management, electronic archive, reports, access rights management, integration with other solutions (BIM-platforms, ERP, etc.) and much more.

Usage of Lement Pro in the banks and financial organizations will allow to:
  • Increase effectiveness of management solutions
  • Develop and improve internal business-processes
  • Decrease and optimize management costs
  • See a day-to-day information
  • Structure information
  • Have an effective interaction of all participants within the process/task/project/goals

Effect of Lement Pro implementation
  • Replacement of obsolete and expensive software with a modern and inexpensive integrated solution
  • Reduction in the number of meetings and business trips
  • Development and improvement of internal business processes, which allow reducing the costs that arise from the receipt of outdated information
  • Ability to provide managers with tools for day-to-day information and analytical support for the activities of departments, units, specific specialists
  • "Single entry point" regarding the various question (helpdesk, electronic workflow, work with instructions, work on projects, preparation for meetings, etc.)

A partial list of issues in which Lement Pro helps with:
  • Ability to have structured employee communication: tracking the actions of working groups formed for projects and for various actions (for example, to attract or retain clients)
  • Conduct projects about the opening of additional offices or branches
  • Exchange of experience and structuring of interaction with existing branches
  • Technical support of employees (helpdesk), which includes applications processing for the completion of banking software, applications for repair / installation of ATMs, processing requests for general IT issues
  • Electronic documentflow: structuring of incoming/outgoing correspondence: issue and control of execution of orders; contractual work: issue and control of execution of orders, communication of document circulation with work on projects and instructions, coordination of HR-documents, as well as control of familiarization of employees with the necessary list of documents

Advantages and key features for different types of users Lement Pro

Top managers

Advantages for top managers

  • Ability to monitor the fulfillment of goals for each department, branch or key employee
  • Access to the reporting information regarding work in departments, branches, key employees and etc.
  • Access to accounting and financial information in connection with documents, projects and assignments (a single "workplace" of the top-manager)

General abilities for top managers

  • Ability to change the composition of participants and any other parameters of specific assignments, tasks or projects with automatic notification to the participants of specific assignments, tasks or projects
  • Ability to fix and adjust the work plan for each assignment, notifying the participants of the task
  • Ability to receive information according the key tasks

Heads of departments and divisions

Advantages for department managers

  • Full control over the work according to projects and assignments that are performed by subordinates
  • Full control of the tasks loading of subordinates and redistribution of tasks loading with preservation of a history of works of the previous executor
  • Ability to display all overdue orders in different “slices”
  • Ability to accumulate the information about the work performed for the purpose of subsequent use when working on model projects or instructions

General abilities for department managers

  • Ability to have full control over the task execution
  • Ability to change the composition of participants and any other parameters of specific assignments, tasks or projects with automatic notification to the participants of specific assignments, tasks or projects
  • Ability to fix and adjust the work plan for each assignment, notifying the participants of the task
  • Ability to monitor goals for all projects or documents
  • Ability to receive information about work on specific projects or information in different slices for all subordinates


General abilities for executors

  • Ability to receive notifications from the system by e-mail (for employees who do not work in the system all the time)
  • Ability to access tables (and other documents) for collaboration (in conjunction with Microsoft OneDrive, Google Disk or other solutions of such a plan) loss of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ability to quickly provide access to the information about their assignments and projects to their colleagues and higher management during the periods of sick leave or absence (the deputy's function)

Advantages for executors

  • Ability to provide structured reporting information for management
  • Ability to have email notifications for users who do not work in the system permanently
  • Workplace for working together on documents, tables, tasks
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