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All industries have similar problems: expired documents and tasks, difficulties with the search of documents, missed tasks or deadlines, etc.

However each business field has its own particularities usually not considered by developers of collective interaction systems (another variant — the industry solution can be based on an existing system with difficult individual setting and implementation processes). Taking into consideration the features of each industry, developers can create a more effective functioning system in a company.

The main capabilities of Lement Pro are the same for all business fields: tasks and options for project work, electronic document management, document archive, knowledge base, news feed, search options, etc.


Customers: construction companies, design companies, audit companies etc.

Lement Pro helps construction companies to manage projects in general and to work with documents in particular. This includes: arrangement of construction works, issue of design documentation, interaction with contractors and suppliers, interaction with experts onsite etc., correspondence and contracts work (approval and execution), documents storage. Integration with special industries solutions and external contractors is available.


Customers: metal-fabricating, fuel, light industry, electric companies etc.

Lement Pro helps industrial companies to cut costs for management and interaction between employees. Lement Pro can serve as an effective communication tool for top-managers and as a full operational system for staff communication within their work on projects and documents — both in business-processes and as a part of unstructured tasks. Integration with special industries solutions and external contractors is available.


Customers: banks, financial companies

Even if a bank already uses systems like CRM, Helpdesk/Service Desk, corporate network, Lement Pro still can be a missing link in regard to a project work. Usually e-mail service is used for this — even in the highly developed banks. Lement Pro allows getting a quick access to an updated data. Lement Pro can even become a system of an e-document management system and assist with contracts and correspondence management.

Lement Pro for educational establishments

Customers: universities, schools, educational establishments

Lement Pro assists in management of modern educational establishments. The system facilities help to complete current tasks (planning and reporting), manage school projects of students, improve the interaction between departments of an educational establishment, arrange an effective management in clusters. Additional projects for students are available.

Lement Pro for retail companies

Customers: stores selling clothies and shoes, mobile phones, computers, accessories etc.

Lement Pro assists retail companies to arrange their management — both in big and small projects. E.g., it can be an extension of stores chain or opening/closing of stores. Lement Pro also allows to arrange marketing tasks like exhibitions arrangement/participation, ad placement in media or web etc. Everyday reporting for each store and interaction with storages (including inventory, supply and purchase management) is available.

Other industry solutions

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