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Implementation of the system

Implementation of the system in a company is focused on a set of works for a successful functioning of Lement Pro from the first day of its use. A customer can put the system into service using his own resources on this basis of the documents (user guide, administrator guide) and free consulting services provided by our team. The other way is to take the full implementation service package by Lement Pro team.

Exact cost and timelines of implementation can be provided in advance if a customer provides us with the information as follows:
  • Company structure — in graphs and texts including a subordination information
  • Job descriptions — in accordance with types of experts
  • Business processes of the company — in graphs and texts

The price is based on the number of hours, whatever services are provided within this time (requirements development, data analysis, regulations development, staff training etc.). The cost is calculated before the contract conclusion. Works can be done both on a customer’s site and on that of ours — depends on tasks and matter.

The implementation process usually includes:

  • Data collection and analysis: Lement Pro specialists require all the needed data — the list of users and corporate regulations, and process descriptions (in case of any required data absence or lack consulting services are provided)
  • Automation project development: project development and approval with a customer (good for big companies and long time projects)
  • Installation and customization of the distribution package on a server: remotely or on a customer’s site
  • Lement Pro customization according to developped project of automation
  • Development of regulations on the basis of received data: development of an individual regulation documents for a company (for different types of employees, in accordance with their roles as Lement Pro users)
  • Consulting services for a company staff: one-time consultation or staff training for different groups (by jobs and roles in Lement Pro) if required
  • Development of summary documents for a project: development of documents and recommendations for further use of Lement Pro (free)
The list of services can vary if required by a customer for an exact project (e.g. the installation and customization of the system can be done by a customer’s IT support; or a number of consultations can be minimized and replaced by details in regulation documents).
Any questions? Contact us: +7 495 545-48-40 (Russian Federation)+7 777 210-60-40 (Kazakhstan)


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