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License contract is a classical way for companies who are not ready yet to place their data outside their corporate network or want to install the system on a separate leased server.

In this case we provide customers with the distribution package. User licenses have no expiry dates, but updates (new versions) and technical support must be paid.

  • Licenses (non-exclusive rights) for Lement Pro are purchased
  • Number of licenses is equal to that of Lement Pro users (when a user is removed his license becomes vacant)
  • The system distribution package, server license and administrator license are free
  • To install the distribution package and to start the system operation Microsofot Windows Server, MS SQL (free Express version is enough for less than 100 users) are required
  • The price of service pack (updates) is 25% from the licenses cost (in case if you have a discount for licenses you do have that for your updates too)
One of advantages of Lement Pro is availability to change a model of the system use while operating — to transfer a local installation into the cloud and in contrast.
Any questions? Contact us: +7 495 545-48-40 (Russian Federation)+7 777 210-60-40 (Kazakhstan)


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