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Lement Pro EM (Enterprise Management) significantly expands the capabilities of Lement Pro Standard

If in Lement Pro Standard you manage predefined system categories (Tasks, Documents, Projects, Directories, Goals), then in Lement Pro EM you can create any categories and links between them.

For example, in Lement Pro EM you can create categories such as "Structures", "Equipment", "Requests for changes", "Customers", "Products", "Techniques", "Drawings", "Assets", "Services". You can describe and create any type of object you want to manage.

In Lement Pro EM, you customize the links between categories on your own, so you can flexibly describe and automate the business of your company.

You can easily make systems of class CRM / PLM / EAM, which will be based on Lement Pro EM.

Lement Pro EM complements Lement Pro Standard with the following features:
  • You own unique categories and types of objects:
    Ability to create hierarchical structures for an arbitrary number of object types, display them depending on the system settings, fill with arbitrary settings and data, use categories and types in the document flow, projects and processes within the company.

  • Connection types, that you can configure on your own:
    Ability to set up types of connection as simple link from one object to another as well as in form of aggregation or compositional links.

  • End-to end use of functionality:
    All new objects in the system can not only have close connection between each other, but also with preconfigured objects of the system ("Tasks", "Documents", "Projects", "Directories"). All their own categories and types of objects can be involved in all the blocks (projects, processes, goals, etc.).

  • Extended generation of documents:
    Extended generation of documents. The ability to associate your own objects with the document flow allows you to fill in automatically generated Word and Excel documents with an arbitrary amount of data (for example, to create an automatic act based on the list of works filled in a table or automatic creation of a commercial offer based on the pledged positions).

At the same time, basic capabilities of the program also available and can be closely related to the features of Lement Pro EM:
  • Tasks and Projects:
    In Lement Pro EM you can create projects and tasks of any type as well as binding of their own categories and types to them. Furthermore, you can also exchange messages and files. Any working group within the company is accessible and can be found by date, responsibility or status. You can also download any project from MS Project.

  • Processes:
    Internal module for the process automation, that installed in the Lement Pro EM, allows you to create any objects and to run routes after creating an arbitrary object.

  • Goals and KPI:
    View and monitor of any quantitative indicators based on the data entered in the Lement Pro EM is carried not only on the basis of tasks, documents or projects, but also types and categories, that you have created.

  • Document flow:
    Any types of documents (contracts, certificates, correspondence, project and working documentation) can be configured in the Lement Pro EM, but unlike in Lement Pro Standard, you have ability to link document types to your object entities (for example, to form a quotation based on warehouse items).

  • Document generation:
    The advanced features of Lement Pro EM allow the ability to fill automatically generated Word and Excel documents with an arbitrary amount of data (for example, the automatic creation of an act on the basis of a work list, that is in the table).

  • Reports:
    Internal reporting and the ability to present information in an arbitrary form — for example, as a structured report in MS Excel.

  • Work places set up:
    In Lement EM, you can not only customize task folders, documents and projects for each group, but also customize entire sections of the system (for example, the people in the maintenance service can only have access to tasks and assets, but the commercial department will have access to positions for the delivery).

  • Notifications:
    Both personal and centralized. Lement Pro EM sends out reminders on a daily bases on the upcoming and expired tasks to dedicated groups of users. Each user can receive notifications both inside the system (including the possibility of discussion about any entity within the system - storage position, floor of the building, etc), and on e-mail.

  • System of rights:
    The configuration of user groups and their composition did not become more complicated in Lement Pro EM, but retained the possibility of individual rights for each group. Due to a flexible system of rights, it is possible to not only connect employees of the company, but also contractors, partners and any other third-party executors for access to the selected information — including their own object entities.

  • Integration:
    The ability to integrate with the API with any third-party solutions and systems.

Extended version of Lement Pro EM is suitable for any company with a staff of 10 or more people, which requires extra flexibility for the specific tasks solutions. If the company is much bigger — you can start with the pilot use of the product on a limited number of employees and further expand the number of licenses, if product will suit your needs.

A wide range of Lement Pro EM capabilities allows you to organize and automate various accounting tasks (the work of a management organization, legal organization, etc.), effectively interact with suppliers and contractors, coordinate and store any kinds of documentation with reference to the created entities, and solve all problems, which can be solved with the help of Lement Pro Standard.

Key advantages of Lement EM:
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Connection between advanced settings and all Lement Pro Standard modules
  • The ability to test the system on a pilot project (with all the data saved)
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