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Lement Pro Building — a professional solution for the construction industry

Lement Pro Building complements the Lement Pro EM version with the Element 3D Survey module, which allows you to work with BIM-models of buildings.

Lement Pro Building provides end-to-end management of information about the capital construction site during all stages of the life cycle. The system allows you to manage every element of the building, which is connected with all processes, tasks, documents, company goals.

  • At the stage of the designing main goal is to increase speed and quality of designing

  • At the stage of construction — make the automated conveyor with electronic delivery of daily, weekly tasks with automatic fixing and the control of the executed works.

  • At the maintenance stage — provide the information system of operation with a virtual analogue of the building, where you can get all the technical documentation for any element, and its history (who has installed it, when it has been installed, when it should be serviced and etc.).

The built-in Lement 3D Survey module allows you to view the BIM model, element parameters and BIM model structure. There is no need to buy and install complex and expensive specialized software.

Since the BIM model is viewed directly in the browser, the Lement 3D Survey Viewer can be used to demonstrate the BIM model at all stages of the object's life cycle. For example, on the site of the builder during the process of construction — to demonstrate the object in various types for customers, within the company during the construction process — to provide the control over construction to the top management, within the company during maintenance — to visualize the reporting.

Features & Advantages:
  • Access through web-browser
  • No need to install extra software or have access to ant special software
  • Data can be saved on our servers as well as on the client servers
  • Usage of the IFC and UBM formats

Advanced features of Lement Pro Building compared to Lement Pro EM:
  • Binding information to BIM model elements:
    Ability to upload the model into the system and fill it with all required details according to tasks (design stage, construction stage, operation stage) — text comments, files, status changes, links to own entities.

  • Visualization based on the BIM model at all stages:
    For example: color 1) the contractor has started to perform construction and installation work (CIW); color 2) construction and installation work is completed and examined — there are no comments on the quality of the completed construction and installation works (CIW); color 3) the executive documentation has been signed by all participants of the construction and loaded into the system.

  • Access to information from the BIM model:
    Access to the documentation without the usage of complex specialized software — through the browser or through a simple application.

At the same time, Lement Pro Building also offers Lement Pro Standard capabilities and Lement Pro EM capabilities:
  • Tasks and Projects:
    Lement Pro Building allows creation of any type of tasks or projects ( as well as ability to exchange files and messages), as well as ability to bind their own categories and types to them. Furthermore, you can group the tasks according to their dates, responsible people and statuses. In addition you can upload any project form the MS Project.

  • Processes:
    Lement Pro Building own internal engine for the process automation supports any types of objects that are created and allows you to run routes after the object was created.

  • Goals and KPI:
    View and monitor of any quantitative indicators based on the data entered in the Lement Pro Building is carried not only on the basis of tasks, documents or projects, but also types and categories, that you have created.

  • Document flow:
    Any types of documents (contracts, certificates, correspondence, project and working documentation) can be configured in the Lement Pro Building, as well as the ability to link document types to your object entities (for example, to generate an inspection report based on work performed on the object).

  • Document generation:
    The advanced features of Lement Pro Building allow the ability to fill automatically generated Word and Excel documents with an arbitrary amount of data (for example, automatic creation of work tasks based on information entered into the system).

  • Reports:
    Internal reporting and the ability to present information in an arbitrary form — for example, as a structured report in MS Excel.

  • Work places set up:
    In Lement Pro Building, you can not only customize task folders, documents and projects for each group, but also customize entire sections of the system (for example, the people in the maintenance service can only have access to tasks and assets, but clerks will have access to the documents as well).

  • Notifications:
    Both personal and centralized. Lement Pro Building sends out reminders on a daily bases on the upcoming and expired tasks to dedicated groups of users. Each user can receive notifications both inside the system (including the possibility of discussion about any entity within the system — storage position, floor of the building, etc), and on e-mail.

  • System of rights:
    The configuration of user groups and their composition did not become more complicated in Lement Pro Building, but retained the possibility of individual rights for each group.Due to a flexible system of rights, it is possible to not only connect employees of the company, but also contractors, partners and any other third-party executors for access to the selected information — including their own object entities.

  • Integration:
    The ability to integrate with the API with any third-party solutions and systems.

The Lement Pro Building version is suitable for any company with a staff of 50 or more people, which is engaged in design, construction or maintenance of the building (or combines some types of similar activities). If the company is much bigger — you can start with the pilot use of the product on a limited number of employees and further expand the number of licenses, if product will suit your needs.

What tasks can be solved with Lement Pro Building in any company (with the connection with BIM model):
  • Exchange of up-to-date data during the all stages of the life cycle of a building or structure (design, construction, maintenance)
  • Author and technical supervision
  • Control over the work schedule
  • Reconciliation and storage of project and working documentation
  • Interaction with suppliers and contractors

As well as all tasks that can be solved with the versions of Lement Pro and Lement Pro EM (control over the tasks execution, automation of document flow, etc.)

Key advantages of Lement Pro Building:
  • Ability to use the system during the all stages of the lifecycle of the building or construction during the BIM implementation (design, construction, maintenance)
  • Ability to use the system not only for the construction or maintenance purposes, but for the overall organization of the work within the company (control over the execution of the tasks, projects, document flow, processes, objectives) with flexible adaptation to the existing company processes
  • Access to the BIM model and preparation for publication through software without a highly qualified specialist, the ability to view the model and states through the browser
  • Own BIM-visualization environment without reference to a specific vendor
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