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Lement Pro Standard has been on the market for several years and has successfully proven itself both for solving specific tasks of departments or working groups, and for the work of the whole company

Lement Pro Standard is suitable for any company that needs to control the execution of tasks, be able to control processes within projects, automate electronic document flow and generate reporting on projects, business processes, documents, instructions and goals.

With the help of Lement Pro Standard, you can build an effective work of a company or a group of companies:
  • Tasks and Projects:
    Even in Lement Pro Standard, you can create projects and tasks of any type. Furthermore, you can also exchange messages and files. Any working group within the company is accessible and can be found by date, responsibility or status. You can also download any project from MS Project.

  • Processes:
    Internal engine of the program for the process automation allows you to automatically create tasks and send documents for approval by responsible persons. The processes can be started by the user, by a timer (for example, every month) or by an event (for example, by e-mail).

  • Goals and KPI:
    Ability to view and monitor any quantitative indicators based on the input data — which will be based on the actual or completed tasks, documents and projects.

  • Document flow:
    Any types of documents can be configured in Lement Pro Standard — contracts (with customers, contractors), financial acts, technical acts, incoming and outgoing correspondence, project and working documentation, regulations and standards.

  • Document generation:
    Automatic creation of any types of the document in the Word or Excel formats, which will be based on the data, that has been entered into the system (commercial offers, contracts with customers, certificates of work performed, outgoing letters and others).

  • Reports:
    Internal reporting and the ability to present information in an arbitrary form — for example, as a structured report in MS Excel.

  • Work places set up:
    You can create preconfigured folders of tasks, documents, projects for each group of users (for example, designers, estimates, clerks, secretaries, etc.), thus centralizing personalization of workplaces for each user.

  • Notifications:
    Both personal and centralized. Lement Pro Standard sends out reminders on a daily bases on the upcoming and expired tasks to dedicated groups of users. Each user can receive notifications both inside the system, and on e-mail.

  • System of rights:
    Configuration of the user groups and their composition. Each group has their own individual rights. Due to the flexible system of rights, it is possible to connect not only employees of the company, but also contractors, partners and any other third parties.

  • Integration:
    The ability to integrate with the API with any third-party solutions and systems.

Lement Pro Standard is suitable for any company with a staff of 10 people or more. If the company is much bigger — you can start with the pilot use of the product on a limited number of employees and further expand the number of licenses, if product will suit your needs.

What tasks can be solved with Lement Pro Standard in any company:
  • Control over the tasks executions in any departments (commercial department, legal department, personnel department, marketing department, design departments, IT department, operation department, etc.)
  • Structuring of work, based on projects (interaction of both internal and external specialists)
  • Chancery automatization (Processing of correspondence)
  • Work with organizational and administrative documents (decrees, orders, instructions, etc.)
  • Optimization of internal processes (automation and performance monitoring)
  • And much more!

Key advantages of Lement Standard
  • Low cost of usage (purchase of licenses or lease)
  • The ability to test the system on an inexpensive pilot project (with preservation of all the data obtained)
  • Maximum speed of implementation
  • Low amount of time required for the administration learning
Any questions? Contact us: +7 495 545-48-40 (Russian Federation)+7 777 210-60-40 (Kazakhstan)


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