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Tasks and assignments management

Tasks and assignments management is an integral part of the entire Lement Pro family. Tasks and assignments can arise both from projects and without them. The number of tasks and assignments within each company gradually increasing as a "snowball," and without a properly tuned tool, even a manager cannot always remember what assignments he gave and when.
What is the task in Lement Pro family? The task in Lement Pro Lite, Lement Pro Standard, Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building can be a short-term one-off assignment for an individual employee or a significant part of a project with a large number of stages and participants. The task is a very broad entity in Lement Pro, supplemented by a flexible ability to create your own types. For example, the task type can be: "CRM", "Meeting", "Helpdesk", "Purchase requisition", "Document preparation", "Act closing" and much more. All this can be personalized individually for your company.

The task can be connected to any other element within the system. For example "Preparation of a commercial offer" continues with the registration of the "Agreement with the customer", which creates a resolution (the task of document execution), which in turn becomes the beginning of a large project. Each task for this project is a separate working group, united by common goals. All of this can be created both by users and automatically — within the configured route (except Lement Pro Lite).

Within this functional block, executors can:
  • Keep in correspondence and exchange files
  • Form a work plan for events (with automatic reminders)
  • Register documents linked to tasks
  • Create subtasks (also with pre-configured routes — except Lement Pro Lite)
  • And much more!

For example "Opening a new office" is a project that can consist number of various tasks, like “Find the place for the new office” , “Development of office design” , “Sign up a lease agreement” and etc.. Lement Pro will automatically group the required data for the tasks in the report format.

Lement Pro has powerful and easy-to-configure mechanisms that automatically group tasks according to the required characteristics (for example according to performers, importance and urgency, according to objects, according to stage of implementation, according to statuses and etc.) and the way your company needs it.

Lement Pro will easily show which user is overloaded with tasks, what tasks need to be done as soon as possible, and what tasks are already overdue or will be overdue in the next 24 hours.

What are the advantages for the manager?

  • Manager will always be aware of the tasks, that his employees do right now: what projects and assignments they are working on today , and which they will need to do later
  • Manager will always know, which tasks has been already overdue (even if manager has already forgotten about them) and the reasons behind the delay. For example employee can simply be overloaded with tasks, but it can be hard to understand behind that situation without the use of management system
  • Manager can always make changes in the task even during the task execution and if required assign more employees to it with full access to all data that has been already collected about that task

What are the advantages for the executor?

  • No need to set up meeting or phone call with general management to clarify the details, because executor can set up a question, that he is interested in into the system and wait for a response from the management
  • No need to prepare regular reports about the tasks, because all work is visible for the higher management in the system
  • No need to give a report about each task during the meetings. Manager can see a process of task execution in system himself at any point of time

An example of working with tasks and assignments in the Lement Pro system

Option 1 – structured work. If company has the existed organizational structure, functions and composition of structural units, business processes, as well as all the regulations it can be a good foundation for the introduction of Lement Pro (any version). In this case, all information that is available regarding the tasks and projects will be transferred into the system and implementation of system can be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Option 2 – nonstructural work. If company doesn’t have the existed organizational structure, functions and composition of structural units, business processes, and the regulations has not been made this will not be a problem for the implementation of Lement Pro. For example, a company can be in the stage of active growth and attempts to describe its activities may not keep pace with changes. Even in this case, Lement Pro will help the company to focus on key goals, linking all the information it has gathered together.

  • As the work progresses, the tasks acquire information: refine data, subtasks, etc.
  • All information that will be gathered during the work on the task will remain in the Lement Pro system and can be later related directly to specific projects, performers, documents and objectives
  • External experts can be involved in the project: contractors, partners, etc. At the same time, level of their access in the Lement Pro can be determined by the company
  • After the end of the project, all the accumulated data remains in the Lement Pro management system and can be used for further work (in the following projects when new employees are put into operation or during the "debriefing")

If you do not know how to better organize work with tasks and assignments in Lement Pro — contact us and we will suggest the most effective scheme just for you!
Any questions? Contact us: +7 495 545-48-40 (Russian Federation)+7 777 210-60-40 (Kazakhstan)


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