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Formation of the company's goals (Planning and KPI)

Each manager understands that for the development of the company working well is not enough, because it is also necessary to not only set up goals for yourself and your subordinates, but also to form short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. It is good, when the goals are not just abstract values, but precise numerical indicators, limited by time frames.

Every product within the Lement Pro family (Lement Pro Lite, Lement Pro Standard, Lement Pro EM, Lement Pro Building) allow company to work with the tasks, projects, documents and business processes, that organization have set up in front of it. But how to monitor the general status of the project in real time mode and be able to do it not only with one, but with all project within the company? How to build and monitor internal KPIs for a department or employee? How to estimate the volume of the work, that has been done on projects, assignments, documents and all business processes within the company for any quarter or a whole year? Any version of Lement Pro will allow to form and monitor the execution of such goals. Furthermore, all indicators are built on the basis of real data from the system - instructions, projects, documents and any other objects that you can create yourself ( in the Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building versions).

Goals in Lement Pro are designed to provide support for the managers on the following issues:

  • Planning and monitoring the activities of the whole company
  • Planning and monitoring the activities of specific departments or divisions
  • Planning and monitoring of the activities of each employee (KPI)
  • Control over the key tasks / projects for the company
  • Monitoring (any) business processes of the company
  • Monitoring (any) unlimited goals or goals, limited timeframe
  • Formation of the reports, which are based on the results of a certain period of time to support decision-making

What can be the goal in the Lement Pro? For example: “Commercial offer proposal for X mln” , “Work performance for X mln” , “Closing of acts for X million” , “Signing X number of international contracts” , “Execution of X number projects” and etc. The main feature of the goals is their connection with the real objects within the system: assignments, projects, processes, documents. Each goal can be limited to a time frame, and also assigned to a specific executioner. At the same time set up of the goals (as well as any other feature in Lement Pro) does not require extra programming and can be done almost instantly.

An example of goals, that are difficult to calculate using the system (any business management system, not only Lement Pro):

  • Get access to the market in California somehow
  • Survive this crisis somehow
  • Make everyone work as they should (and not work as they should not)
  • Peace in the world
An example of goals, that can not only be calculated, but also monitored during the process of their execution with the help of the Lement Pro business management:

  • Sign up contracts for 100 million in 1st and 2nd quarters of 2018
  • Open 10 additional offices
  • Sing up 10 partnership agreements in the US
  • Sign the acts for 50 million in 4th quarter of 2017
  • Submit 5 patent applications in 2017
  • Process at least 50 work applications in January 2018
An example of goals, that can be executed in the Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building versions:

  • Cost of performed construction and installation work
  • Signed acts with customers
  • Release of project documentation
  • Receivables
  • Overall profit from the projects
All these and many other goals can be controlled by organization within the same screen of the Lement Pro system. Lement Pro helps to not only set up goals, but also to link them to the objects within the system. In the other words each goal will be based on real-time indicators with which users of the system work now or have worked in the past. All status changes of tasks and orders, status changes of documents, moves within business processes from one stage to another and etc. — all progress will be dynamically changed and displayed in Lement Pro.

What are the advantages for the manager?

  • Connection between the goals and the system objects : assignments, projects, documents, employees
  • Ability to monitor the progress of the goas fulfillment in a real time with indication of deviations and "problematic" places
  • Lack of need to study complex techniques. Set of goals can be done in a few minutes

What are the advantages for the executor?

  • Automatic provision of all data on the work done to the supervisor or the head of the company (depending on the company's working structure)
  • Set up of the personal goals for current work with restricted access (for example, the amount of commercial offers submitted for the year, divided by quarters and months)

An example of working with goals in Lement Pro:

At any time, the system allows company to get up-to-date data not only on the amount of commercial offers submitted (like classic CRM), but also the amount of closed contracts, the amount of signed acts, the amount of unsigned acts, the amount of unpaid acts — all in one system.
If desired, the goals can be decomposed to the level of employees. Let's say that if the global goal is to sign up contracts for a certain amount for a whole year, this goal can be considered by dividing into quarters, months, and determining the role of each employee of a department or department for a global goal.

Usually set up of special reporting system in any business management tool takes a long time or even requires a specialized refinement of the system. However, in Lement Pro we tried to make reports not only as simple and maximally effective, but also without the need for extra reprogramming.
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