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Today, many companies still prefer to use standard versions of report formation. Text documents for management are prepared in the form of e-mails, and table forms are often filled by the whole company in MS Excel files. This approach has a lot of flaws.

First of all, with the usage of MS Excel it can be difficult to limit the visibility of information — either the employee sees all the information in the file, or does not see the file at all. Secondly, the numbers are not entered into the system, but into a static file. However, access to the file is limited only by the local network. Thirdly, all the information contributed is weakly related.

This leads to the fact that the company's processes are slowed down and the work becomes less efficient. What are the advantages of working with Lement Pro? With the usage of Lement Pro business tool (Lement Pro Lite, Lement Pro Standard, Lement Pro EM, Lement Pro Building), there is no need to conduct reports in MS Excel or other programs. All data that is entered in Lement Pro can be automatically submitted in the form of reports.

Any information regarding the projects, documents, assignments and employees is available for display in the required form. Furthermore, all users of the system will automatically gain access to information that’s only available to them (restriction of user rights). Finally, access to the information could be done not only from a local network, but also from home or business trip and etc..

If your company needs a complex specialized report based on data from the system, our developers can create it separately according to the specified technical task. The report can be made and by your own efforts — we provide API documentation free of charge.

Features of internal reports in Lement Pro:
  • Report on internal processes of the company
  • Automatic group up of tasks and documents by status, project, responsibility
  • Automatic group up of overdue tasks and documents
  • Control of the load of employees and departments
  • Restriction of access rights to information
  • Possibility of uploading information to MS Excel and developing personal report templates
  • Usage of BIM model for reporting (in the Lement Pro Building version)

What are the advantages for the manager?

  • Required report for any task can be configured by few clicks of mouse. For example, the number of client tasks (CRM) with division by executors or departments, or the number of orders executed by a specific employee
  • Required report for any document can be configured by few clicks of mouse. For example, unpaid acts are automatically structured in one folder and documents at the signing stage in another
  • Any table information can be uploaded into MS Excel if complex data analysis or data transformation into a graphical report is required

What are the advantages for the executor?

  • All the information that the performer upload into the system can automatically be generated in the form of reports, and any performer can easily show the result of his work for any period of time
  • All information that the performer uploads into the system can be found and used for further work
  • Report for any data can be configured with a few clicks of the mouse (the information is displayed depending on the user's authority in the system

Graphical reports

All data that will be uploaded in Lement Pro, can be further represented in form of graphical reports as well. The Gantt chart (for project work) is already available in Lement Pro. A single glance at the diagram will be enough to understand which tasks are overdue, what events will happen in the near future, and who is responsible for their execution.

Additional options — the construction of graphical reports through MS Excel or the development of individual reports.

Although MS Excel is usually used for working with tables, it still one of the most powerful tools for building graphical reports. That's why we made it possible to download any data from Lement Pro into MS Excel. After downloading, you can demonstrate the result of the work of the unit or the entire company in the form of a graphical report.

If the basic capabilities of Lement Pro are not enough, and the company does not have a specialist for extended work with MS Excel, we can develop a specialized graphical report that will be based on information from Lement Pro and updated dynamically as information is updated.
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