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Work with projects

In today's business environment, work on the projects cannot be carried out without specialized software. Executors should be able to timely report on the work, that has been done, the project manager should be able to see all activities, that surround the project, promptly connect new employees and external organizations to the project if required, and top managers should be able to see the picture as a whole with the ability to check up on every detail within the task of each employee individually.

All products within the Lement Pro family (Lement Pro Lite, Lement Pro Standard, Lement Pro EM, Lement Pro Building) allow organizations to work with the projects, with ability to see the contribution of each employee into the work. Anyone can learn the basis on how to use project management features of Lement Pro in just a few minutes. As soon as company employees will understand the basis of Lement Pro, system will be able to become an indispensable assistant for all project participants: executives, executors (from clerks to engineers), contractors and other partners.

During the work on the project company employees can exchange comments and files, involve other internal employees to participate in the project, as well as external specialists, contractors or consultants. In addition, Lement Pro has a full connection with the documentflow within the company, so all the documents that will surround the project (for example contracts with customers and contractors, certificates of work performed, correspondence and etc.) can be attracted to the project.

The project in Lement Pro does not exist by itself: all project assignments, all correspondence on the project (incoming and outgoing letters), contracts with customers and suppliers, certificates of work performed and payment control, all internal processes of the company and any other information is tied to the project and cannot be accidentally deleted or lost.

In the Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building versions, it is also possible to create hierarchical structures for an arbitrary number of object types, display them depending on the system settings, populate with arbitrary settings and data, and use categories and types in company projects. All their own categories and types of objects can be used in all the blocks, including works with projects.

In the Lement Pro Building version, you can also access the model associated with the project without the usage of additional complex specialized software (via the browser).

What are the advantages for a top manager?

  • Unified workspace (“workplace”). There is no need to work in various systems and have a lot of meetings about the project, because all information is storage within Lement Pro
  • Full control over the tasks of department, division, specific employee, specific document or specific goal with the necessary level of detail
  • Full access to relevant information about each project, ability to access such information from everywhere (with the full access to the building model in Lement Pro Building version)

What are the advantages for project managers?

  • Ability to monitor the progress over the execution of any number of projects or tasks — without a huge number of meetings, additional letters and calls to subordinates with a demand to clarify the current state of the project
  • Ability to see the “problem zones” within system of project management and ability to influence the work performance during the process itself, and not after the task has been performed (when the transfer of terms will cost too much)
  • Full access to relevant information about each project, ability to access such information from everywhere (with the full access to the building model in Lement Pro Building version)

What are the advantages for executors?

  • Reduction the amount required meetings and reports. Supervisor of the project (project manager) is always aware of the tasks, on which employees are currently working on and their progress on such tasks
  • Principle of “one window”. All the necessary information about the projects and current work (events, correspondence, contracts, and instructions of the management) can be accessed within the Lement Pro
  • Effective interaction with partners or contractors in the same project management system. Unlike e-mail, the message in Lement Pro is guaranteed to be delivered to the addressee and will not be lost in the mailbox, but will take its place in the structured communication

What are the advantages for the external specialists?

  • Full access of partners and contractors to up-to-date information on joint projects and documents (access is granted strictly by taking into account the rights of a particular user in the Lement Pro management system)
  • Reduction in the number of meetings and negotiations due to the structuring of working correspondence on projects
  • Instant and guaranteed delivery of information on specific tasks in the project (the situation "got into spam" or "lost among other letters in the mail" are excluded)

Example of the project management in Lement Pro

Option 1. The project is already formed on paper or in MS Project (responsible people, terms and conditions are defined). In this case, everything is simple: the system is going to be configured almost instantly; the data is going to get structured into the Lement Pro system (with the usage of automatic download of the project from MS Project and synchronization afterwards).
Option 2. The project has not yet been formed (no responsible people, no budget, no terms, etc.). In this case, company employees can begin discussion of the future project directly in the Lement Pro system. Such discussion will gradually grow into a global project, with the access to the history of discussion and all correspondence, that it has involved through the full life cycle of the project.

  • Project will get more and more new information (contracts, certificates, correspondence, refining data, etc.), that will appear during the work process
  • All information that will be gathered during the work will remain in the Lement Pro system and can be later related directly to specific projects, performers, documents and objectives
  • External experts can be involved in the project: contractors, partners, etc. At the same time, level of their access in the management system can be determined by the company itself
  • After the end of the project, all the accumulated data remains in the Lement Pro management system and can be used for further work (in the following projects when new employees are put into operation or during the "debriefing")
  • All project data can be synchronized with MS Project later if required

It easy to learn how to work with projects in Lement Pro, regardless the length of service and work experience. It's not harder than working with e-mail.

Any questions? Contact us: +7 495 545-48-40 (Russian Federation)+7 777 210-60-40 (Kazakhstan)


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