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Integration with other solutions

The capabilities of the entire line of Lement Pro systems (Lement Pro Lite, Lement Pro Standard, Lement Pro EM, Lement Pro Building) allow solving a wide variety of tasks: automate and optimize electronic document flow, monitor the task execution, manage projects, adjust and maintain up-to-date business processes and much more. But in some cases, integration with other systems and solutions is required. In the case of Lement Pro, integration will not be a problem.

There can be a number of reasons for the integration. First of all, this need arises when simple copying of information from another system is inconvenient or labor-intensive. For example, integration with 1C is relevant in the case when the number of treaties or acts processed is hundreds in a month, and it is easier to make integration between the two systems than to force to copy information about documents from one system to another. However, the converse is also true: if the number of contracts is calculated in tens and the accountant spends 10 minutes a day updating information in Lement Pro, integration can be too expensive.

Another reason is the need to instantly obtain information from another system. With the help of the Lement Pro API, integration with any other systems and solutions can be performed — both by our own efforts and with the help of your specialists. Regardless of choice, we can always prompt or jointly find the right (optimal) version of integration.

An example of interaction with other solutions (available by default in all versions of Lement Pro):

Integration with Google Docs. It is not always convenient to spread the document for consideration or familiarization in the form of a file — especially when it is necessary to work on a text or a table together. Lement Pro allows you to "bind" a document, spreadsheet, presentation or survey form from Google Docs to any task, project or document card. In this case, Lement Pro will automatically "understand" that such a document needs to be displayed not simply as a link, but as a separate tab. In the result, the joint work on the information will take place in one window of the user's workplace.

Integration with MS Project. Due to the large number of wishes of our customers, we have developed an add-on for MS Project. The add-on allows: 1) to automatically load into Lement Pro the project created in MS Project; 2) to synchronize changes in the project during the work process. It is possible to specify specific users as responsible executors, when you download a project from MS Project to Lement Pro. In the result, MS Project accomplishes its task (calculate resources, build a critical path, etc.), and Lement Pro allows you to transfer the project to the task level, link it to the document flow, business processes and global reporting of the company. The add-on is relevant, including for structured projects with a large number of values.

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