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Lement Pro is a complex solution that combines the best experiences for a team work
Lement Pro allows to:
  • cooperate in projects and tasks (between departments, workgroups, contractors, partners etc.)
  • cut costs for approval, storage and search of e-documents, and to connect e-documents with a company targets and projects
  • structurize collected data automatically by different criteria (projects, managers, targets, status of documents, costs of commercial proposals etc.)
  • so on

Projects management

  • projects adaptive types
  • project progress on Gant diagram
  • communication of a project team (messages and files)
  • projects management for geographically dispersed company
  • deadlines’ control (including their edition)
  • tasks delegation
  • subtasks (several levels)
  • role model
  • work group members change
  • access privileges (by project types)
  • authority delegation
  • cooperation with external employees (optional)
  • project connection with external sources
  • project connection with BIM model (industry solution — for project and construction Lement users)
  • project connection with documents
  • projects connection with the company targets
  • saving of changes
  • reports
  • notifications about new actions
  • uploading of projects from MS Project
  • synchronization of an uploaded projects with that in MS Project
  • projects archive

Tasks management

  • Customers relationship management (CRM)
  • Requests to IT-Helpdesk
  • Adaptive types of tasks
  • Adaptive routes
  • Files exchange and saving of previous files versions
  • Messages history
  • Deadlines’ control (including their edition)
  • Scheduling (including meetings etc.)
  • Subtasks (several levels)
  • Conferences (agenda creating, result-tasks creating and execution)
  • Delegation of authority
  • Control of delayed tasks
  • Work group members change
  • Tasks connection with documents
  • Tasks connection with projects
  • Personalized data bases and logs
  • Reports of departments
  • Reports of employees
  • Deputies appointment
  • Internal system notification
  • E-mail notifications
  • Windows applications
  • tasks archive

E-documents management

  • Approval and signing
  • Incoming and outcoming correspondence
  • Contracts management
  • Approval of invoices
  • HR administration
  • E-documents management for a group of companies
  • General office administration
  • Customized document cards
  • Customized counters of document types
  • Routes of documents approval
  • Routes of documents execution
  • Routes terms (e.g., by contract cost)
  • Control of documents execution
  • Connection with projects
  • Saving of comments history
  • Saving of documents versions
  • Catalogues by types of documents
  • Catalogues export to MS Excel
  • Reports by types of documents
  • Customized data logs
  • Card of document for printing
  • Notifications about new actions
  • Customization of data logs
  • Search of documents (quick search, advanced search)
  • Documents archive

Targets settings (planning)

  • Company targets
  • Staff/departments targets
  • Connection with a time frame
  • Targets — documents
  • Targets — projects
  • Targets — tasks
  • Target graphs
  • Target groups
  • Assignment of targets/target groups managers
  • Express setting with non-complicated methods


  • Customized reports by departments
  • Customized reports by employees
  • Customized reports by projects
  • Customized reports by delayed tasks
  • Customized reports by status of tasks completion
  • Data access privileges (by employees or groups of employees)
  • Export of reports to MS Excel

Electronic archive

  • Customized archive by tasks
  • Customized archive by documents
  • Customization of classification and groups arrangement
  • Export of tasks list to MS Excel
  • Customization of data access privileges (by employees of groups of employees)
  • Export of list of documents to MS Excel

Business processes

  • Graph editor of processes
  • Events creation
  • Creation of transition conditions
  • Creation of timers
  • Global variables setting
  • Field values samples
  • Process monitoring

Notification system

  • Internal notification system
  • Integration with e-mail service
  • Individual customization of notifications
  • Notifications by events
  • Notifications by types of documents and tasks
  • Notifications by new messages
  • Windows application


  • SSL-certificate availability
  • Password encryption on a data base
  • Internal system of access and authority privileges/li>
  • Registration of users activity in the system

Integration with other solutions

  • Documented API availability (by request)
  • Integration with Google Docs (by default)
  • Integration with MS Office Online (by default)
  • Integration with Autodesk Revit (by default)
  • Plug-in for MS Project (by default)
  • Integration with e-mail serves (by default)


  • Use of the system by a group of company is available
  • External employees can be involved in a process
  • Distance use
  • Mobile devices use (iPad, Android tablets, smartphones etc.)
  • Windows Application
  • Multilanguage versions

Any questions? Contact us: +7 495 545-48-40 (Russian Federation)+7 777 210-60-40 (Kazakhstan)


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