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Element Flow

Element Flow is a unique feature for the companies that required more than just basic capabilities of Lement Pro. For such companies we have developed Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building. Both of these versions have a feature to create and set up any element of the object (building constructions, equipment, goods, stock positions, etc.) directly in the interface of the system — without any additional programming.

The basic features of Lement Pro are a set of closely interconnected blocks that allow you to work with tasks and assignments, maintain electronic document flow, work on projects, optimize business processes, and monitor the fulfillment of goals. All these functionalities have repeatedly shown the potential and effectiveness of Lement Pro. However, in some cases, basic capacity may not be enough.

And if in the base version of Lement Pro you manage predefined system categories ("Tasks", "Documents", "Projects", "Directories", "Goals"), then in Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building you can create your own categories and set up the connection between them. For example, there may be categories such as "Structures", "Equipment", "Requests for changes", "Customers", "Products", "Techniques", "Drawings", "Assets", and "Services". You can describe and create any type of object you want to manage. Also, you can set up links between categories, so you can flexibly describe and automate the business of your company.

Element Flow in Lement Pro

  • Fully customizable entity of the objects
  • Close connection of object entities to each other
  • Flexible interaction of created entities with the functionality of the system
  • Each element of the system keeps its history in the process of work — files, comments, comments, etc.
  • Each element of the BIM model can become a separate element in the system (Lement Pro Building)
  • No need in extra programming

Ways of usage:

Option 1. Usage of basic version of Lement Pro. In the basic version of Lement Pro element flow feature is not included, but you can always start with typical system entities (assignments, projects, documents, processes and goals) in order to transfer to Lement Pro EM or Lement Pro Building with element support.
Option 2. Usage of Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building You can start straight always with the Lement Pro version that have element flow feature. But even in this case it is not necessary to deploy the system to the whole company — you can try the solution on a certain project (or process or activity type) and after pilot project, connect all other departments, divisions and subsidiaries.

  • If you begin to get acquainted with Lement Pro from the base version — all settings and all the saved information will be preserved when going to Lement Pro EM or Lement Pro Building (no element of the system will be lost and all the generated information can be used in the future)
  • If you begin to get acquainted with Lement Pro immediately with the enhanced version or Lement Pro Building, but in the "cloud" version and plan to purchase the system in the future — all the information you have can also be transferred to your server
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