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Electronic document flow (document management)

Time of “heavy” and slow system of document flow, that used to be set up by the huge team of the specialists are gone. Every version of Lement Pro can be called a modern system of electronic document flow, which can be configured by every company individually with overall response time from the system no more than 1–2 seconds. However the documents should not exist "in a vacuum" — every contract, letter or act can be associated with specific projects, assignments and tasks.

With the usage of Lement Pro (Lement Pro Lite, Lement Pro Standard, Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building) it is possible to simplify and arrange the whole complex of documents: the reception and registration of correspondence, the formation and distribution of orders, the monitoring of order execution, the contract work and the closing of acts. Lement Pro allows companies to configure any types or kinds of documents that are necessary for the organization.

Each type and kind of documents can be configured the way company required. Each document card consists of those fields that are required. Each field in the document can be numeric, text, reference to the directory, a list of drop-down fields and etc.. Numerical fields can be calculated, which will automatically count (for example) the debt under the contract in case of advance payment.

Additional advanced features (available in the entire line of Lement Pro products) allow to not only build a route for each document and connect documents to the tasks, but also automatically generate * .docx and * .xlsx format documents (MS Word and MS Excel respectively) on the base of the information, that has been added to the program. In the other words it is enough to set up a template for an outgoing letter (for example a commercial offer letter), once in the system and Lement Pro will save it for the future use and create it in the system automatically whenever required just by pressing the button.

Capabilities of electronic document flow in Lement Pro :

  • Adjustment of types and kinds of documents according to the nomenclature of cases accepted in the company
  • Set up of directories and numeration
  • Set up of document routes — depending on the type or kind
  • Ability to send the document for the agreement to the dedicated users within a system without a route
  • Archive with a full history of discussion about each specific document
  • Ability to specify final versions of documents before transfer to execution
  • Automatic generation of documents based on MS Word and MS Excel templates
  • Archive documents or deleting documents

What are the advantages for the manager?

  • Electronic document flow does not live a separate life. Documents are related to the entire activity of the company: from development process until dispatch for execution
  • Simple and easy-to-use web-based interface allows to cut extra costs and save a time on long-term staff training
  • No need to keep a programmer in the staff to set up and maintain an electronic document management system

What are the advantages for the executor?

  • Simple and easy-to-use web-based system with mail notifications
  • Connection of the documents with other objects within the system: tasks, assignments, meetings, projects and goals
  • Quick access to already developed and agreed documents

What are the advantages for the clerk?

  • Registers of any types of documents can be generated instantly, without long installation and programming
  • Necessary types of documents will be connected to tasks. Responsible person will always be aware of the stage at which the document being developed or executed
  • Ability to send the required documents to the printout with the preservation of the approval comments history and ability to upload the necessary registers in MS Excel

An example of working with documents in Lement Pro:

Option 1. Document flow “out of the box," with little or no additional configuration. To use the basic capabilities of electronic document management system Lement Pro, it is enough to configure the cards for each type of document. Routes in this variant are determined by the creator of a particular document. All of the information related to the document will be saved (for example old versions, history of approval and signing, connection with the tasks and projects and etc.)
Option 2. Document flow with customizable schemes for passing documents. If the routes for passing documents are complicated enough, company can register routes with the possibility of escalating by timer, branching depending on any parameters (for example, the amount of the contract or urgency) and much more. All the settings of the transmission schemes are carried out using a graphical editor and do not require programming.

  • As work progresses document card will be “growing” with the new information like: comments, links to other documents in the system, versions of files, etc.
  • All information that appears during the work on the document remains in the Lement Pro system
  • Access to the types and kinds of documents is flexibly adjusted depending on the specific employee or group of employees
  • After the document will be sent to the archive, all the accumulated data will remain in the Lement Pro system and can be used for the further work
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