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Electronic archive

Very often, for the formation of an electronic archive, the capabilities of the electronic business management system are not used, and instead companies used third-party solutions. In the case of Lement Pro (Lement Pro Lite, Lement Pro Standard, Lement Pro EM, Lement Pro Building), the electronic archive is automatically built and structured according to any parameters within the system.

In Lement Pro, all the information that is collected eventually falls into the archive: documents, tasks, projects and the objects and everything else, that have been created in the system (in Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building versions). In the future, the information can be structured properly or at any time restored from the archive. For example, if a particular task needs to be redone, it can be restored from the archive and work can be continued with the preservation of all the information that has been generated about it.

In the result, all tasks and projects, as well as documents (correspondence, contracts, orders and acts and other types and types of documents) always remain in the system (until they are forcibly removed). All versions of documents, all correspondence on documents, as well as lists of coordinators with comments — everything remains in the system as long as it will be required for your company.

The electronic archive in the Lement Pro system can also be a repository of regulatory and other documents. For example, you can use Lement Pro to store the following documents:
  • Standards of organization
  • Guidelines
  • Regulations
  • Internal instructions for work
  • and etc.

What are the advantages for the manager?

  • Rapid formation of the information in the required form — without programming and long-term system settings
  • The provision of access to information in electronic storage, taking into account the authority of the company's employees
  • The ability to upload information to MS Excel for detailed analysis and charting

What are the advantages for the executor?

  • Instant access to a structured archive of tasks (according to the employee authority in the system)
  • Instant access to a structured archive of documents (according to the employee authority in the system)
  • Instant access to a structured archive of projects (according to the employee authority in the system)
  • Search with a minimum response time (1–3 seconds depending on the complexity of the request)
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