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Control over the business processes (routes)

Business processes is a series of interrelated activities aimed at creating a specific product or service. Does it sound too complicated? With the usage of Lement Pro work with business processes will become much easier. We have developed simple and at the same time functional editor of route schemes, which allows organizations to create any business process in Lement Pro, regardless of the notation and depth of the description of the business process. A powerful engine of processes can handle hundreds of tasks and documents daily.

It doesn’t matter are the processes in your company described or not, because it is not particularly important for Lement Pro (Lement Pro Standard, Lement Pro EM, Lement Pro Building) implementation. If this work has already been done in the company and the business processes are constantly updated (and not just "shelved"), this is a good "foundation" for the start of using Lement Pro. And if they have not been described yet, than there is a good reason to implement Lement Pro and let it help structure the work and eventually identify and describe at least key business processes. For example, one of the available options it to use the functionality of processes in the Lement Pro system can be used as a functional of routes (for example, document flow routes).

For example, if you will look on the activities of a commercial organization (like a design company), the first main process to begin with can be the process of selling the service to the client. In this case, the starting point for the work in Lement Pro will be consideration, preparation and approval of the commercial proposal (or documentation for participation in the tender), which will be followed by the development of the project, contract signing and the completion of the project according to the agreed contract with the customer. Company can organize this entire process in Lement Pro manually, or can fully automate it. In the second case, organisation can automate every step: for example, a document can automatically be sent for approval to the deputy general director if the contract amount is less than 1 million or automatically sent for agreement to the general director, if the contract amount is more. In case of rejection of the contract, it can be sent again through the whole chain of agreement or pass only a limited circle of agreement.

Process management capabilities in Lement Pro (not available in Lement Pro Lite version):
  • Graphical editor of route schemes
  • Ability to define workgroups within each stage of the route
  • Ability of specifying the conditions for the transition between the stages of a route
  • Automatic filling of fields on the basis of internal variables
  • Ability to start up a process to create a task, document or any other system object (in Lement Pro EM and Lement Pro Building versions only)
  • Ability to check the route for correctness by the internal capabilities of the system
  • Ability to start the process by e-mail
  • E-mail notifications as part of the process
  • Automatic generation of documents (MS Word and MS Excel) based on templates in the process of passing the route

What are the advantages for the manager?

  • Implementation of the system without the involvement of programmers. All business processes are configured in a simple graphical editor, which are similar to MS Visio and other programs of this kind
  • Implementation of the system can be done without the involvement of expensive consultants: even if business processes are not described, it cannot be considered as excuse to stop implementation
  • Ability to adjust business processes while working

What are the advantages for the executor?

  • System can be used in any company by any employee. There is no need in additional knowledge or extra skills to work with business processes
  • Manager sees the impact of each employee on a particular business process, regardless of the level of subordination
  • If necessary, the employee may not see the entire process as a whole, receiving only a specific task or a document for approval

An example of work with business processes in Lement Pro:

Option 1 — Business processes “out-of-box”. The business process that has been described above doesn’t necessary need to be done in the graphic editor. If the process is simple, you can use the basic capabilities. For example, the secretary will independently determine who to forward an incoming letter and the executor (depending on the specific project) — independently determine who to send outgoing letter. According to our data, up to 70% of business processes even a large company can work without configurable chains — that is, using the basic capabilities of Lement Pro.
Option 2 — Business processes that need to be set up. Business processes in Lement Pro are configured in a simple graphical editor, which can be understood not only by our consultant, but also by a clerk or an analyst. If the basic capabilities of Lement Pro are not enough, and they do not "close" the entire front of the business processes, you can configure the chain of tasks. In this case, the system will automatically direct the flow of information to the company, depending on the conditions in the scheme.

  • As the work progresses, the process will be “growing” with the new information like: documents, instructions, comments
  • All the information that appears during the work on the process remains in the Lement Pro system and is directly related to specific projects, performers, documents and objectives
  • The route of the process can change over time — all changes will be instantly recorded in the system
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