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Key development of the company — Lement Pro product family

The range of Lement Pro solutions in 2017 includes:
Lement, LLC fields of activity:
  • software development and consulting (key products are Lement Pro management system) and Lement 3D survey viewer with BIM visualization support
  • researches and innovations in the domain of natural and technical sciences
  • creating and use of data bases and information resources
  • other IT activities

History of the Lement Pro development

During the works over the project documentation for the number of the construction objects (SOCHI 2014 Olympic Venues, high-rise buildings of Moscow City, FIFA 2018 stadiums and etc.) our team has experienced need for an effective management and interaction tool for execution of such an important tasks.

From 2007 to 2012, electronic document management system that we have used for our needs was able to suit our needs. However, with the growing number of projects, that we have been developing for our clients, the system turn out to be not as effective and efficient as we hoped it will be and in the result system was not able to keep up with our requirements (narrow functionality, a limited number of tasks, that it was able to processed at the same time, insufficient "flexibility" of settings and etc.). Furthermore, other solutions that we have tried were not suitable for us either, because of the similar or other reasons (for example, they were expensive and wasn’t able to provide insufficient flexibility). All these factors led us to the decision to develop our own product, which main purpose wasn’t to not only meet our high requirements, but also be worthy of being offered to other companies. This product was the system of electronic business management — Lement Pro.

In addition to the existing base version of Lement Pro (now called Lement Pro Standard), we released an extended version of Lement Pro EM, and the Lement 3D Survey solution in 2016. In 2017, a version of Lement Pro Lite has been developed, which has been followed by creation of Lement Pro Building. Differences in our business solution allow every company to find the best tool for them. For example, Lement Pro Lite will be best for small companies and local tasks, Lement Pro Standard will be useful for companies that need to create their own business processes (document reconciliation routes, task routes), Lement Pro EM provides additional flexibility to create object entities and links between them and Lement Pro Building and Lement 3D Survey solve specialized tasks arising within the construction industry.

Today and every day we actively use Lement Pro, in and outside the office. Documents and project documentation approval, everyday tasks, company targets, storage of projects and many other issues are addressed to Lement Pro.
Any questions? Contact us: +7 495 545-48-40 (Russian Federation)+7 777 210-60-40 (Kazakhstan)


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